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i posted this on facebook and my father messaged me shortly after, along with several comments on the status itself. i deleted said comments because they are dumb haha.

screw what your father says. fuck all that. raise hell. make noise. and dont ever back down. 

When this person is in their 40’s they will regret disrespecting their Dad. Family over selfishness. Sorry.

Oh, and he’s right about swearing online and getting a job - there’s no way this person will get hired into a salary position if this is what they find on social media

letsbefitforlife Thanks for the advice! I'm going to try my best to be friendly and get over my shyness and not be afraid to be myself!:)

I’m so sorry I didn’t answer this sooner (months ago) - you are beautiful and am glad your journey is going well!! Xx

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Dat booty do

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She looks so determined .. I love it

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So pretty

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